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videritis ne in cura vestra accipiatis quia non potestis inde honorem habere
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these advantages is greatly aggravated by intemperate living
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ounces. It is sometimes advisable to add to this sweet spirits
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their effect upon the habit and constitution are soon manifest.
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healing at another at the same time. In the commencement,
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rhubarb, magnesia, or any light substance may be mixed up
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mouth is very rod, livid or ulcerated, wo must have recourse to
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tence, a misery to themselves and an eye-sore to society — left,
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interval ; in fact, no better agent for the regulation of the function
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found to be united, unless some accidental circumstances, such
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18 Camphor. — Excoriations of infants, gravel, bloating, ulcers.
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Irish had their great traditional physicians. Macferbis,
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observés. Le pronostic, le prognose sont pour les auteurs de la collection
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sauf-conduit. En outre il était fort riche: est valde dives, ce qui lui per-
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Colic — Colic pains occur often, and with great severity,
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also prescribed, " if the patient sleeps will do well,
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rate of silver, has been swallowed by accident when used for
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de côté, de l'orthopnée, de la toux, des crachats au début subictériques
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Item es sol ein yeder Maister schuldig sein, seine gesellen souil einer
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Inflammation (subdue and relieve pain). — Nitre, half an ounce ; sal
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spasm. When prematurely excited, though then imperfect, it
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headache, flushed face, feeling of choking, perhaps scarlet erup-
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after the perusal of these startling and inexorable facts,
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Individuum mit gebildeten Leuten anderer Nationen keineswegs verglichen
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casionally and allowed to dissolve. Hot bran poultices may also
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la doctrine des particularités, qui montrent l'aspect, les causes, les symp-
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5. A tendency to flatulent distension of the stomach,
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the mixture of alkaloids formerly known as emetine.
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then be taken, care being used that cold be not taken. Take
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from within or without ; also medicines which absorb, or combine
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forehead; in some cases, however, it ma}' be quite natural, and
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quart — strain. Put into the liquor extract of dandelion, curative powder, kir-
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The heads of such children as suffer from the disease have
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là aussi qu'on réduisait les fractures et les luxations avec des appareils
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18 Iron, Ipecac. — Diarrhoea, fever and ague, obstinate skin diseases.
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' Tabloid ' Hypodermic products accurately contain the stated
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but let it be cold water, with a little salt in it, to strenthen the
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generative organs; fevers and severe inflammations; syphilis
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be removed by a surgical operation. Teucrium, i x, and Sanguinaria
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supplies practically insuperable, and the horrors of
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to an ounce of water, three times a day. Wash the eyes with
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Cuprum Acet, 30, violent whooping which is constant.
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tonic, and nervine. The dose is a teaspoonful in a cupful of warm water,
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true leprosy or not, it was impossible to say, until the
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Dose, a tablespoonful about every four hours. Twenty
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ses contemporains sur Torigine des Bubas, sans allusion aucune à la provenance
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Fuller donna ses soins à ceux qui étaient d'une autre église, comme aux siens;
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ings, from the amount of chlorine gas evolved ; but it is excel-
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tion, and most usually shows itself about the face, although it
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When the infant has acquired sufficient strength to support
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the elbow, and bring the hand into such a position that the
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are subject, from their pecuhar organization, to a number of
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Acute Inflammation of the Bowels. (107) — (Enteritis.)
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just sufficient hot water to Ibrm a mass; and add grated cam-
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tung nicht entspricht, so bieten sie dem Volke Steine statt Brot, und werden
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ein Tag wirken, den andern nit, einem helfen, dem andern nit, etwan
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mums, 2 drams* tartrate of potash, ^ ounce. Mix, and take
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Treatment. — The body should be regularly submitted to cold
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10 c.c. and 25 c.c, with two steel needles, in metal case.
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