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such mobility in every joint and finger, as though it

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that condition of the brain which causes paralysis ; and so are

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character of their needs. For those who cycle, cases are

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etzliche im hanndtwerch Vberlegt vnnd gerechnet, darnach ein Vmbfrag

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of rhubarb, an oz. ; oil of fennel, one drop. Mix. Dose, half a teaspoonful.

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Pains in the Side, (219) relieved hy Aeon., i y.,-AXi^ Bryonia, ^y..

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unde quidam clahanarius in molarium radicibus multum patiebatur^ cui

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loose to admit of the easy introduction of a finger under it. Al-

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small, or sunk in the breasts, they should be drawn out by

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2. Chlorate of potash, one teaspoonful ; glycerine, two tablespoonf uls ;

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paregoric, lialf a fluid dram to a fluid dram ; spiced syrup of rhubarb, an oz.;

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die auf rationelles Betreiben der Heilkunst schliessen lassen können.

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résorption etc. dans les climats chauds, comme celles de Maresiang â^^

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thigh should be forced in its upper end, outwards, by the hand,

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l'aorte parmi les maladies du climat. Il est indiscutable que la grande

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Podophyllin, 1^ grains ; aloes (socotrine), 3^ grains ; mucilage acacia,

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attended with a sensation as of ants or other insects creeping

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vere, and so weak is the patient that every exertion, even the

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keep it the desired heat; also direct the steam of the hot

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Basel antrat, verbrannte Paracehus, ein Lutherus medicorum, öffentlich

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to redound to her credit and happiness, and keep the light

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Treatment. — If the thorn, etc., can be taken hold of easily,

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important, and must underlie all the accomplishments which

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it is scarcely more reprehensible than that devouring love of

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and 1000 gm. ; and in hermetically-sealed tubes of 1/4 lb. ,

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the complication, or otherwise, of insanity with other diseases,

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their social relations. Let there not be a shadow of doubt or

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Dislocations. — By this term, we understand a displace-

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still surrounded by it, we must assume to breathe it ourselves

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dans sa „Vie d'Hagcnbut" et que Daremberg a regardé comme la „Vul-

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Bullet, of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, t. XIV, p. 263.

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several works, for the honour of God, for the benefit

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inject up the rectum ; this foments and soothes the parts.

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wholly poisoned and debauched — there is hope for him, as a

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les jours critiques les plus typiques étaient le 7e, 14e et le 21e jour; nos

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vlatthew Hoffmann, Jill Fruge, Andrew Nida, Genevieve

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owing to the air valves and bronchial passages being clogged

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indicium difficile^ oporiet auiem non solum se ipsum exhihere quae

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1377, recevoir en gage de sa cliente Jeanne de Monteolivo, d'Arles, des

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words "trj//;," shaking, and "hiiii," :i hand. Epilepsy

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