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iron instrument called a gipne. A case is in ceitic

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The age at which there is the greatest proneness to hysteria, is

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the introduction of the lava of an insect, or from a violent blow

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In Scotland also, in Celtic times, the practice of the

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or excessive indulgence in venereal or other excesses, or de-

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contra ipsas et maxime coram infirme . . . Non comittat furtum . . . Non rixetur cum Ulis

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sputa known as the prune juice expectoration. The breathing

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Ceci est une copie numérique d'un ouvrage conservé depuis des générations dans les rayonnages d'une bibliothèque avant d'être numérisé avec

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or germs. In the female, this organ is the ovary. The ovaries

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been boiled in on to the bran whilst hot. Mix well and apply. A very useful

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time. At the end of the first week the dose may be increased

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own persons, and to indulge in those secret habits which have

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composition, which irritate the respiratory tract and

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feel the necessity of impressing it, to the utmost of our ability,

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drinking may bo the result of indulgence in these potent

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more from distension of the intestines by flatus, which, passing

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Treatment. — As the cause of this disease is most commonly

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In the commencement of diarrhoea when there is reason to suppose

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Water as an Alterative. — For a long time mercury has been con-

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theatres, and sleeping on the back. Use a hard bed, light and

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médecine, leurs conseils ne sont pas toujours suivis d'un heureux résultat :

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are thrown wildly about, the respiration becomes more labored,

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100 c.c. of extract. One part by volume represents one

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dressings may be sui3stituted. The breast, during all this time,

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The best method is to let it flow into the ear, held so as to re-

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ulceration will often become cancerous if allowed to continue.

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ten drops of cream of tartar. IF there be much pain and un-

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slightly on the under side. When the bread is nicely browned, the ap-

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take place, alternately. These measures must be repeated de-

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Some infants are invariably purged when fed with cow's milk,

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augmente, la toux s'établit, le côté devient douloureux, U decubitus impos-

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both, at a ripe old age, declined in the natural order of things.

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le bon médecin ne doit être ni saperstitieux, ni athée.

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suet, of each four ounces; beeswax, and olive or linseed oil, of each two ounces;

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Saboth rex medorum, c'est à dire Sabour ben Sahl, mort eu 859.

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brane of the nose is inflamed and ulcerated, a solution of car-

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the decoction of lovage-root. The following have also been very

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" Other cases are given, leading to the inference that if within

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middle. This leaves a sufficient amount of resistance at the

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Ox'-y-gen. A gas that forms one-fifth of the atmosphere.

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and ravaged Europe for nearly half a century, leaves

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Vit'-re-ous Humor. One of the fluids of the eye, resembling glass.

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or sweat glands are actively secreting moisture, which reaches

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5 7 Camphor. — Gangrene, cancer of the stomach, dandruff.

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be applied to the chest, the diet should be light and unstimulat-

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John Harkins Courtney Harpold Michael Hartzog Kimberlee Hodges

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oz. I (28-3 ^w.), oz. 4 (ii3^"-w.) and oz. 8 {227 gm.)

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these advantages is greatly aggravated by intemperate living

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similarity of tastes and intellectual pursuits, and a desire to

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pule non seulement la vérité, mais encore l'intelligibilité et la raison. Dans

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teeth during sleep, starting from sleep, swollen belly, irregular appetite. Page 265.

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currence very frequently deceives the nurse, who imagines that

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organs — as the eye, the ear, the nose, the tongue, the womb, the

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Zur Bibliographie des Physiologus. Anglia, Beiblatt, XIII, 1902.

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Cer'-e-bel'-lum. The lower and back part of the brain.

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healing at another at the same time. In the commencement,

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Flac'-cid (flak'-sid). Soft and weak, lax, limber ; as a flaccid muscle.

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