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the stomach or lungs, and also will give relief in dyspeptic and all gastric de-
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to hang down a considerable distance, like two bags.
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be succeeded by boisterous coughing. Then in most cases,
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these pure and reliable preparations, this brand should always be
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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. This brand should always
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Bneezing, weeping, and red eyes, loud noisy, cough ; occasionally
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Two ounces of either of these preparations should be injected
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Die Lehre der nDaturgemässen Lebensweise" hat nun durch Haig eine
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Immerse all the articles of clothing and bedding used by or
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Where the digestive powers are good, beef tea, or weak chicken-
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may be expected at a certain age, or they may be alarmed at
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tant towards the termination of gestation. When the stomach
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tion was, that the " dogs, fools and female scolds " were
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made to deceive the public by men who know nothing about
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fürzubringen. Das sol er nach aller beschaidenhait ohne Yemandts
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majestés catholiques. Colomb avait emporté des Amériques divers produits et
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the second or third day after birth, provided the infant be not
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the crust is soon renewed in an aggravated form. Where the
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observés. Le pronostic, le prognose sont pour les auteurs de la collection
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above time, if a revival has taken place, soiled bed-clothes and
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and confusion in the head; the hearing becomes obtuse; giddi-
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ner, more fragile, less colored than the surrounding hairs. The
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Calcutta; Sanitätsrath Dr. B. Soheube, Greiz; Dr. C. Stékoulis, Délégué des Pays-Bas au
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numbers, thus : — 'Tabloid' Gold Toning, B i, P) 2, etc.
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be disinfected, in accordance with the above rules, under the
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plish if possible the removal of the placenta, commonly called
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allein schon iixu de» ealturgew-hichtlichen Bei^rerkej willen Interesse erweeken
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Attempts to promote the discharge in any case must not be
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the after-birth, which sometimes comes away with the child, or
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Results of Catching Cold. — A cold may be so slight as to
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in the more southern states and is highly prized for its fruit. The half
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Bryonia, Phosphorus, Hepar Sulph., Stramoniutn, Canphora, Su/-
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toms as shivering, pallor of the countenance, sinking of the
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es wenig geachtet wird. „Bier ist gesünder denn Wein, das ist: minder
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Arg€7itu7n Nit., 4 x, dark colored vomiting, caused by hamorrhage
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anywhere in the world. Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe.
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and best mode of taking such remedies as will go in a small
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love. Censure it as you may — call it mean and petty, if you
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„raison de ne pas entreprendre les maladies qui ne peuvent être guéries;
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de Janus, le Dr. Peypers, à qui je présente mes hommages de ce coin de
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le nez est plus court, les narines plus grandes et la trachée-artère plus
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Apoplexy. (97) — Give Aconite, 3 x, and send for medical as-
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course of one of his lectures] of the dreadful mortality of