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Never use dentifrices made of charcoal, or pumice stone, or any

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which is quinine. It is well known that quinine is one of the very best

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ful of magnesia in a glass of sherry, or lemon juice in small quan-

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over and stinging the skin, or of hot needles piercing it. This

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fections. Menstruation, too, will be irregular, at one time being

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of total alkaloids, but of the active principle of the drug so far

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of applying what is called a many-tailed bandage. — useful to

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essary and a little coffee or crushed sugar. Cover and let them stew

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(28) Juan Oiné y Partagds. „Histoire de la Médecine". Leçons données en

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arsenical salt of the aromatic series — which is the

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nese and oil of vitriol, each one ounce ; water, two ounces. Mix

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condensés en un seul et publiés par Berger sous le titre de liber de oculo

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hours advantageously, but should only be given in the first

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jeunesse. Il termine cette apologie en disant: iaceo vero dt secretis his

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fibre of their nature may be selfish beyond measure, and set

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Il est sans contredit qu'en Espagne pas mal d'auteurs ne partagèrent

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out of wear, especially if kept in a room without a fire. Be-

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hovering about her hearthstone and burning brightly upon the

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other primitive races, where disease was believed to

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and there was no deterioration of any of them, in spite of

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abiding basis. Every maiden of modesty and womanly instincts

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dipped in warm spirits of wine, to the upper part, or make use

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delayed menstruation, leucorrhoea and flatulent colic. Administered in

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nature, nor can there be anything prepared by art, which forma

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indication of foreign substance about the necks of the teeth, and inflam-

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ausschlagen und euch ein andares (die „universale" Behandlung) zu lernen

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of bad practices, are ashamed to state their cases to a respect-

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danger of destruction to the drum and small bones of the

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Dyspepsia. — A sense of distention of the stomach, belching of wind,

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symptom of the three types, and every case conforms more or

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Left to right - Front row: Neil Duplantier, Student Union Co-Chairman; Amy Rivere, Social Co-Chairman; Mark Jackson,

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chiefly of animal food, taken at certain intervals. For children,

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were ordered to be built either on the bank of a running

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Sudorific Powders. — Lobelia herb, skunk cabbage, pleurisy root, and

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Voilà les titres de ces oeuvres: 1) Guidu teorico-pratica del medico militare

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vor Jahrhunderten kannten sie das Schiesspulver, verstanden es aber nicht,

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quently comes on without any evident cause. It is seldom ac-

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inter porcos projicere, sed amore domini nostri lehsu Christi pauperes curate

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of the Hebrides and the Shetlands, invaded Ireland,

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humor being stagnant in that part, — whether this has happened

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