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2) Bomier, Pathologie comparée etc. 188, pag. 244.
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Hemlock, Poison, {Conium Maculatum). See illustration.
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injustice, but it is useless to kick against it, from the fact that
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out of their reach, and a' so kettles, or any vessels containing
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nate unfavorably. When the case is severe, with a brown, dry
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consisting of five acres, were allotted to these chieftains
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tice, intense or strong currents are to be studiously avoided.
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cathartic property, it is slightly astringent ; thus after a purgative action
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dignitv. liberty and profits," throughout his lordships of
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check the spreading. If gangrene is indicated, apply a poul-
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der Bewegung der Naturheilkundc und des hcissen Verlangens nach Kraft
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and weakens them. Local treatment will be of little avail in
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Treatment. — The injured limb must be kept in a perfect
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means by which assimilation may be so powerfully stimulated and encour-
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the liver, costiveness, worms, and dysentry, also in lingering fevers. It is given
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and emoluments were distinctly defined by the Brehon
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était leur pratique La voici exposée dans une page de la vie de Saint
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tarifer plus cher le prix de leurs services. Maitre Zacharie figure au premier
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Treatment. — Two men will be sufficient generally, unless
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edy. Sanguinaria Nitrate, 3 x, will often help when there is severe
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l'affirmation de cette opinion par des études comparatives du „Continens" de
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ous, as not unfrequcntly to lead to the most serious misunder-
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to full play the weak side, and sea-bathing. If these means,
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breathing, increased by exertion, more or less of pain or sore-
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White Walnut {Juglans Crnera). Is often called butternut
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to excessive commiseration, will, Avhen any little accident hap-
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will give greaf relief. Poison ivy may readily be distinguished from
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Dose — gr. 1/200 to gr. i/ioo (0-0003 g™- to o-ooo6 gin.)
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' SoAMiN ' is an important arylarsonate — organic
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blood, by which the fetus is nourished ; and thus, as in numer-
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occurs in those of the face, it is termed face-ague or tic-dolo-
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should be carctuUy wiped, and if to be confined to a particu-
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infringements of the laws of health, are found to have told upon
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Typhoid Fever is infectious, and is apt to set in or to sneak
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A frieze is formed by a representation of an American
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Special attention is invited to this salt and to its
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Almond Sweet {Ajnygdala Dulcis). The ptilp is sometimes
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Sometimes we have a great aggravation of tho symptoms
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One of the 'Tabloid' Brand Medicine Chests carried by the
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une notable contribution à Thistoire de la reliure des livres, et surtout il
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Universität im 19. Jahrhundert. Deutsche Kerne, 1902, XXVII.
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duty towards the Creator and our fellow men; and this is the
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confidence. And yet the accused party may be virtually inno-
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throbbing in the forehead, extending to the nape of the neck ; oppres-
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yellow Avash (yellow wash is made by adding six grains of corro-
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Wlien the bone is exposed, by one or two incisions as may be
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' Soloid ' Brand Products are also issued in bottles of 500,
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suppuration se produit à la suite d'une péripneumonie la fièvre persiste,
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all, not to sit in draughts. A very slight cause will often bring
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hard, or accumulates too much, there will be a sense of contrac-
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tional symptoms: Light pain in the head, aching of the muscles,
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