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water if it thickens too much, and stir frequently ; when it is done a

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von dem, darum er biUig am ersten beschreibt annos naturae. Und ist

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femme ou la servante du malade, ou toute autre personne, à moins que

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together as possible, and to keep them so. The bandage will have

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volatile in water, as a stimulant to the nervous system. The

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Podophyllum, i x, chronic diarrhoea, worse in the morning, caused

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(parenthesis), where there are two or more common names, one or more

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hand at the altar to some one Avorthy all the love and affection

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added. Small quantities of nourishment may be given every ten

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wine half an ounce, mindererus spirit one ounce, syrup half an

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appear ill, or who complains of feeling unwell. In such a case

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lid, and draw back the lid so that it is completely inverted, as

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emotions, anxiety, or any cause that affects the general health.

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under the influence of mercury, rub in, twice a day, along the

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The colleen who puts a sprig in the shoe of her lover

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w^ard, so that the blood will naturally take an outward direc-

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prudence ought to be observed. With a view to the fullest

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Care of the Permanent Teeth. — In all cases of trouble in second

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the indulgence of such inharmonious and incompatible mar-

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nician of the Year on numerous occasions. Serving as Associate

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R, Hausmann, Franz v. Tappeiner (Meran). Münch. med. Wochschr., 1902, 40.

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ing away for some time, under a more or less copius discharge of

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titre de de conservanda juveniuU à l'usage, cette fois-ci, du roi Robert de

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even with apparently mild cases of whooping-cough, most es-

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Tp c.c. [approx. \ fl. oz.) and 60 c.c. [approx. 2 /. oz.)

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seignement théorique; n'était pas gratuit; qu'il se composait de l'exposé de

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ounces of water makes a preparation corresponding to

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Injuries to Archillis Tendo. — This is the great tendon

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soit seulement permis de dire que ce plaidoyer vieux, tenace et curieux fera

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Dislocation of the Wrist-Joint. — The hand may be

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deem that it matters little when, and therefore take no

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cold water for a day or two, then with warm water, and apply

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working them off with gruel, with salt in it. A complete cure

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A most reliable and highly-concentrated extract, prepared

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Sassafras {Sassafras Officinale). This aromatic tree is found in

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déclare partisan de Tidée d'une maladie nouvelle en 1492 ; seulement il ne dit

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Tracheotomy may be called for where there is fear of suffocation ;

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warm weather; but when they are about learning to walk it is

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portance that the throat should be carefully treated. If neg-

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should be given at night. Pieces of clothing or wadding

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Issued in bottles of oz. 4 (113 gm.), oz. 8 (227 gm.)

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horn in a wineglassful of water, or give a wineglassful of

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minence, and most respectably connected, became a hopeless

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Enfin on peut encore classifier sous le nom de pathologie des races

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de l'Ecole de Cos — sept maladies de la bile, douze maladies de la vessie,

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Griechen und R<>mern. Anatom. Hefte, LXIII, 1902.

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affected localities the greater portion of the scalp may become

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in Strassburg sie aber aus sprachlichen Gründen etwas weiter zurückverlege,

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