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of puberty before the usual average time, as it betokens a
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iron, so that the wound may be dressed without difficulty. This
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it may be in any direction. If the sight of both eyes is equally
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whitish, or even blackened by vitiated blood. This false mem-
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guérir ce qui est incurable. Le rôle du médecin ainsi défini est donc bien
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ing as may, in their judgment, seem to require it, of which they
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der Chow-Dynastie (11 25 — 255 vor Chr.) in dem Buche „SaiShi" aufge-
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lone, laquelle fut infectée. Les citations précédentes font comprendre que
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Ansicht ^ogar Lichtstrakti auf den Zusammenhang der Gebiete der Intelligenz,
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Third, there is simplicity in the method of application.
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slight white sediment, a very bitter taste, and an odor of wintergreen oil.
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the discharge by exposure to cold or wet, or by violent exertion
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turpentine may be added to the dose of castor-oil. Where
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plaint is sometimes very troublesome and obstinate.
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rang de laquelle je citerai le recueil des Archives de médecine navale de la
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were very grateful and congenial, become highly disagreeable,
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there is a chivalry the most noble and exalted. Everything
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per. On the appearance of any excoriations, a finely poAvdered
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and distinct direction, although in this Institution a large amount
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bonate of potash, 1 dram; liquor of acetate of ammonia, 2 ounces;
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1. 3foral Insanity, in which there is a morbid perversion ot the
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verschaffen wir den Organen der Blutreinigung die richtigen, ihnen zukom-
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not press heavily on the sides of the tooth, or it may be
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lation also, " wide is the gate and broad is the way that leadeth
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perpétua jusqu'à la découverte de l'auscultation, très souvent une pneumonie
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It animates every part, it vitalizes every part, and har-
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secure. They consist of stitches, from half to three-quarters of
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tied to the extremity of a pliable piece of whalebone, or with a
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.should not be adnunistered to those having weak lungs.
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state all that it ought to be, that no ties can bind them ; but
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Q. S. — mix 270 pills. Dose: one, two, or three at night, in constrictions, head-
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pepper, and a teaspoonful of salt; put them into a -| pint of
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run. Delicate women especially do wrong to attempt it, and
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of King Conal. It is said to have lasted for three years,
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Mat-u-ra'-tion. The formation of pus or matter in any part of the
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more subject than another. Anxiety of mind will sometimes
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the powers of life at length succumb, and the patient sinks into
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Employment of Nurses.— Mothers are not always in a
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there may be bleeding from the nose and passing diarrhoea.
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Prof., Tokyo; Dr. U. Robert, Prof., Rostock; Dr. Max Neuburuer, Prof., Vienne; Dr. A.
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Incipient Acute Dysentery. — Mix one tablespoonful of castor-oil thor-
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Ars longa. Wir haben gelernt von Adams Zeiten bis auf die Stund
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grains, ounces, pounds, etc., to be taken; thus, mix denotes 60
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ease is called sun-heat, Avhich is an eruption of a white or brown-
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Bell., 3 X, acute redness of the conjunctiva or white of the eye.
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sion. Low diet, purging medicine, and quiet, are great as-
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from picked drugs by a special process which retains the full
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most cargful manner after birth. This should be done with
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Gnilemeta JuUiane, uxore Paquerii Auvray, servientis Eegii, habitatoris
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A similar system to that which prevailed in Ireland
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liniments should bo applied; as also in palsy of the hands,
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render the system less susceptible of the contagion. If a solu-
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de lui un traité intitulé : Congregaiio sive liber de ocuiis quem cotnpilavit
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Hang-Dynastie (25 — 221 nach Chr.) diente dies Werk als Grundlage fur
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Pre-scrip'-tion. The formula for the preparation of medicines.
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of bread and milk, or hops and flaxseed, continually applied
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and with those of average health it occasions little or no dis=
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itching and excoriation ; affections during pregnancy.
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giving two or three doses of this powder daily, the diarrhcea