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„livres" ne sont pas d'Hippocrate, mais cependant ils sont de son école,

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grees, for twenty minutes. Take, every other night, five grains

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Mh. written m 1443, partly m Latm and partly cHickeys

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In treatment, one will require soothing, the other tonic and

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birth, is "a purely physiological process" In its normal and natural

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comes sallow and bloated, and the respiration hurried; the

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lyonnais reçut assez mal mes compatriotes avignonais : qui quidem medicus^

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duties. A bone requires for this purpose a period proportion-

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ache and neuralgia ; emaciation ; profuse perspiration at night, especially

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browned skin in every direction, take them out, sift white sugar over

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Pour terminer ce qui a trait aux maladies aiguës nous rappellerons que

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Bd. 126, 180, 143; Archives de médecine navale, 1889, no. 12.

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tions and mustard plasters applied to the chest, soles of the

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or affections of the mind, all evacuants must be carefully avoid-

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rate. Many persons experience unpleasant after effects, as nausea, vom-

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h,g%fthe" anatomy studied; and surgery, gynaecology

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wounds inflicted might prove either mortal or incur-

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ear and female genital organs. In these cases use a teaspoonful alum to

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to the nostrils; and if the fit is of long duration, an enema in-

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diarrhoea ; this alone will often cure it by scorching the flour before mix-

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hence the necessity of the utmost vigilence on tlic part of any

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good for those whose urinary organs require stimulating ; the

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geföhrt werden, nachdem wir so lange nur eine grundgelehrte gehabt haben.

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1 120, there are five other visitations recorded. During

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ature of the room be warm and equfible ; open the bowels with

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around the patient, and, when thoroughly saturated, add | a pint

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guards against fracture. In five sizes, 2 c.c, 3 c.c, 5 c.c,

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possesses the great advantage over the usual forms of

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leaves of plantain are advised, with wild sage, sham-

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back of the neck, have been found serviceable; and, if the

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