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or by warm bathing. It is also well to avoid undue exertion, to

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of proper care in frequent washing and drying tlie parts.

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Nous rencontrons alors trois personnalités qui ont joui d'une renommée

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How to Avoid Accidents. — Although wo can not alto

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scanty, sometimes bloody. Pain over reigon of the kidney.

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the same time closing its nostrils, and endeavor, by a moderate

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rather more over the opposite limb. When fully extended, it

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Te-nes'-mus. A painful bearing down sensation in the lower bowels.

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Milk Sickness. — A disease chiefly confined to the West,

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granulations, and thus healing them. During the active stage

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Butternut {Juglans Cinerea). Inner bark mildly cathartic, often

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Voici comment se faisait alors cette opération: i) „on lave le patient

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When the discharge has nearly ceased, simple tepid-water

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discharge, and it may attend both the secretion and the emission ;

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catching a bad cold, soak the feet in hot mustard water, go to

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other causes, and sometimes it will continue after conception

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ous diet will be necessary, with tonic medicines. If tlie tonsils

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und Naturerkenntnias im Altertum", welches im Herbst erscheint, wird Verf.

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the space just above the hip bones on either side, or in the

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espagnole), Madrid 1884, Tome deux. C'est un grand résumé critique de la

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the country practitioner, who is often called motor or

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the patient becomes often seriously ill, and his vital powers

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In aphorismis Ypocratis vigilanter studui apud dominum Herbrandom magne

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Neurotic, catarrhal, gastric, depending upon the type of the

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et sollicitudini . . . quia nan passunt curariy nisi divine auxilio . . . Unde

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sepe etiam carmina de parte bona immnrmuravit, sed cura que ceteros aile-

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antiseptique des lèpres ouvertes constituent les seuls moyens d'amélioration.

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sudden prostration of strength, debility and trembling, coldness, numb-

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includes these related problems, if I am to care adequately for the sick.

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fording suitable exercise to infants. The body of the carriage

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acquiescence in all the laAvs, moral and otherwise, appertaining

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space and loops for instruments, etc. Similar in design to No. 221 Case.

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cation does not take effect, it should be repeated every two

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enne, three drams — mix well. Dose: as the preceding, and for similar pur-

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camphor mixture. When a person is found insensible from the

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occur in paroxysms, after intervals of a few hours ; and in some

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bladder, tumors, nodes, and biliary calculi. It is our chief

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acute or dull. The pain sometimes shoots up to the right shoulder. Page 194.

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Breslau III, F. 10 f., 125 — 129), mais c'est tout simplement le Xllle chapitre

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useful after using much cathartic medicine ; persons of sedentary habits,

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the bandages is guarded against by brushing a Aveak solution

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York, the best. He is a scientific investigator, having spent

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Hypophosphite calcium, 740 grains ; hypophospliite sodium, 256 grains ;

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can take a teaspoonful, when a few drops of braiidy may be

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Take two ounces of rice and two quarts of water ; boil an hour or

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96 degrees ; then, as the mercury rises, the detatched

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the eyelids adhering, rub a little glycerine, or rosewater oint-

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Irritable Bladder. (284) (Frequent Desire to Make Water.)

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,, Gelsemine Hydrochloride (Gelsemininum Ilydrochloricum

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ont été dus à son énergie et à son labeur incessant. Il a su réunir

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Te-nes'-mus. A painful bearing down sensation in the lower bowels.

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Villeneuve avait longuement dilué. Les auteurs compulsés par Johannes

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dangerous, and requires very active treatment. A strong gar-

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