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Ars., 3 X, a very useful remedy to prevent the recurrence of an at-
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camphor julep three times a day. Or, take of flowers of sul-
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inter porcos projicere, sed amore domini nostri lehsu Christi pauperes curate
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humor being stagnant in that part, — whether this has happened
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Take time to do the things that really make you happy.
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lations of the other pole are applied to the diseased part.
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Tongue-tie. — It frequently happens that the tongue of an
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institution civile de Ponce", il put se procurer d'abondants matériaux d'étude.
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of food is especially proper in her case. As the appetite is
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Zusammenstellung der medicinischen Vorschriften und Recepte in 8 Bänden
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violence of the attack has subsided, leaving a rough, hoarse cough.
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blood may be thoroughly pressed out, which will squirt from
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dram ; cinnamon-water, enough to make six oz. JNlix. Dose, a tablespoon-
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needs the care of an able physician, and should consult him frequently,
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other; for in this respect it has been shown that the impress
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occasionally uneasiness and a sense of constriction in the throat.
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ence may be required. There will be the usual warning symp-
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gabe von arabischen augenärztlichen P&stillen an. Der Text von Alcoatin fängt
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Mitteln, Beschwörungen und Besprechungen völlig abgesehen wird. Die
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A history of all the ' Tabloid ' Equipments associated
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the Avhole of the diseased portion should be removed by a saw
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as one-half of a grain and more has been found contained in each fluid ounce
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denen, so das Verganngene lar Viermaister gewest, bleib, an desanndren
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Enlargement of the Uvala. (154) which is relaxed, Hyosca-
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tion, that a persistent use of stimulants of any description tends
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dissolve 1 dram of common salt in ^ a pint of water; with chil-
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means the convulsions can be subdued, and the delivery, if it
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a en Italie pénurie de chirurgiens et d'oculistes:
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Exantheme, Parasiten u. s, w,) fast, docli nicht ganz aasscbliesslicb in den
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Naturheilkunde heute in ihrem gesunden \'oiksiustinkte verfolgt, als ihre
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Aperients move the bowels gently, as dandelion root, etc.
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Standpunkt des Chemikers, des Chirurgen oder gar des „Naturarztes".
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deeply wounded, this may be applied. Should there be a
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Pour boiling water on a small piece of light white bread, cover and
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