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give linseed-tea or barley-water, and to an adult thirty drops of

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from the formation of an abscess, by the symptoms above des-

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to destroy every particle of physical beauty and manhood, but,

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Printing and Publishing Division in State College, PA, according to the following specifications:

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tomie et sur la physiologie que des notions rudimentaires ou erronées. Il

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tice, intense or strong currents are to be studiously avoided.

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of-the-way places, and be careful to take it up and destroy it in

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not too much heated by the roof, will give children a much

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familiarized through constant and inordinate indulgence, loses

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absorbée passée ou non passée : telle est lap tisane hippocratique. Ce n'était

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stomach and bowels, especially in the commencement. The

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Treatment. — Place the patient on a low seat, cover the two

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pedestal, or through the instrumentality of the sober long-faced

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Piles, Ointments for. — I. Hemlock bark, finely powdered, one ounce;

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Headache of young persons of sedentary habits, free indulgers at

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homeless man, the houseboy, or slave," for whom the

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alle drei fleissig sein sollen und das Ihrige thun, was sie dem Kranken

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des juifs. Nous voyons l'un d'entre eux, Bellaut de Stella chirurgien, en

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duced to turn from the evil of his ways and have led to the

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oil or olive-oil. If the patient be faint or sinking, give stimulants.

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trifling in itself, which warn tlie practised physician of tlie ap-

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grains; dilute sulphuric acid, 1 dram; sulphate of magnesia, 6

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joint and surrounding parts, although the consequences are not

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of aliments, sudden stoppage of Avounds, Aveakness of the stom-

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Symptoms. — Severe vomiting, cramps, faintness, purging.

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lowing often: Emollient clyster: Balsam of capivi, two drams-

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gut; Bier schadet Euch nichts, kein Meth, kein Speis, die viel Wind macht

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Suppositories [see ' Enule ' Rectal Suppositories, pages

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these advantages is greatly aggravated by intemperate living

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those who have been accustomed to coarse food and laborious em-

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composition powder, two, three, or four times a day.

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gradually increased to eight or ten drops. Rub into the spots

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in young females of a weak or scrofulous habit. It appears to

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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. This brand should always

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U. Latidsberg. Adolf Kussmaul als Dichter. Deut. med. Presse, 1902, 12.

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Issued in tubes of gr. 15(1 gm.) and bottles 0/ gr. 60

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exertion of the limb may be allowed, but there must be great

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Digestives are remedies applied to ulcers or wounds to pro-

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Pour les honoraires les auteurs pensent qu'il vaut mieux ne pas les fixer

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Expedition of 1873, fitted out according to old-time

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du pieds et reste localisé à ces parties pendant des années. Les ongles deviennent

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pressure upon the womb, and stimulate the vessels to re-

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adjicitur in fine". Bome 1497. En parlant dans ce livre du mal français, il

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sion to place rat or beetle poison in the Iktm-^. hi it bft ii put'

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condamné à mort. Cher ce sujet la lèpre ne se montra que 2 ans et V2 plus

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auf dem Grundstein : treues und emsiges Studium der Natur und nament-

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lightest heart and most joyous disposition. There is not an

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One fluid ounce of this product added to seven fluid

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of our species, and the accomplishment of our mission in this

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white sugar to each lemon, and fill up with cold or boiling water accor-

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Keep the patient roused till the effect has passed off by beat-

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Sultanat Atjeh, 1888; Ned. Tydschr. v. Gen. 1889, II, 763.

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1871. F. Cortese (1802—1883) fut aussi professeur d'anatomie dans l'Université

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odd fancies, and longings after out-of-the-way things and articles

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by an officer of the Congo Free State, and returned

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