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found to be united, unless some accidental circumstances, such

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be some important deeply-seated part injured. They are

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Venn aber solth das der verordnet nit zugegen sein khöndt. sol desshalb

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tenu comme de l'eau puis visqueux au toucher et en petite quantité vous

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(12) Juan Fragoso. „Chirurgie Universelle", édition de Alcala do Henares

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prostration. The hysterical form is the most easily dealt with,

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weakly and excitable frame. Let us therefore enumerate the

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Irritable Bladder. (284) (Frequent Desire to Make Water.)

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treasures; and whenever or wherever we see their absence

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3. None but nurses and the attending physicians will be al-

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Item es sol ein yeder Maister schuldig sein, seine gesellen souil einer

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nemmen. Nachdem es Yedesmals die Nothurft erfordern mag einem

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hübsche Culturskizze über das Treiben der berüchtigten nichtärztlichen

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Continuing, the writer states: "These things are gentle,

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spasm. When prematurely excited, though then imperfect, it

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seven different species of this disease, all differing in some pe-

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pour off the clear water. Dose, wineglassful four times a day or oftener.

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of spine, while the other is manipulated over the diseased part.

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tied to the extremity of a pliable piece of whalebone, or with a

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lichen Werke studirt hatte, sind die darin enthaltenen vielen Anschauungen

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He then produced eight panels depicting important developments and personages in the

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however, strictly enjoined him to avoid for the future,

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A mammary abscess will frequently continue discharging for a

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casionally and allowed to dissolve. Hot bran poultices may also

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restées dans ma mémoire pour bien marquer le temps que Colomb arriva

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Il a lu et étudié à fond avec un jeune orientaliste, M. le Prof. Lippert, la

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the object, so as to draw it out as with a hook, when the foreign

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in the ripening and discharge of an ovum or egg, which, when

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is largely due. Referring to the ' Tabloid ' Medical

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Typhoid Fever. (171.) — Baptisia, i x, alternating with Gcl-

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The heads of such children as suffer from the disease have

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After that period, if delivery occurs before the ninth month, it

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willing to entertain for a moment the thought that their

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annehmen müssen, nachdem unsere Krnährungsphysiologic in Be^ug auf die

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Treatment. — Clear the stomach by an emetic of ipecacu-

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De-ter'-gent. A medicine that cleanses from offending matter.

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Avoid taking cold and other remedies will not be needed.

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age or excess, and a sufficient amount of vitality remains for

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purulent discharges from scrofuLa or other causes. A small

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warm bath. Opiates are often decidedly beneficial. To a child

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Dose — gr. 1/60 to gr. 1/20 (o-ooi gm. to 0-003 g'"-)

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