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Early Stage of Dysentery. — Bhie mass, ten grains ; ipecacuanha, six

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dulging in some sweet little spirituous potation, which grows

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Mix and use frequently. Or the following: Muriatic acid, 1

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enced by the inference that the hour of accountability has

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ysis, it should be borne in mind that the nervous system re-

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Each bottle contains 7 fluid ounces of a very dark, syrupy liquid, one-

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liquid form. The mouth should be rinsed frequently with a

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there is the red gum or tooth rash of children, and the redness

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cut straight across the top, if anything, slightly scoppcd in the

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store health, and prolong life in mankind. This department of "The

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73 Opium, Mucilaginous drinks. — Constipation, eczema.

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Weaning ought always to bo accomplished, if possible, in a

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lowed access to persons sick with small pox or varioloid.

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Issued in bottles of gr. 60 (3-9 gm.), oz. 1/2 (14. <■///.)

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opium liniment. A couple of drams of this should be rubbed

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nutrition, and of a better quality, will thus be provided ; and so

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cessful, are, creosote, chloroform, and laudanum. Separately or

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With females, bandy legs are more serious deformities than

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Clematis, 30, a deathlike, sickening pain. Lach., 30, left sided pain.

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a glass of wine or water. It has been said that habitual vomit-

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used, and abounds in low and swampy places. It is widely known by

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started from its place, followed by the King's brain,

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Causes. — A heavy supper just before going to bed; d^^s-

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also frequently attendant on teething. Infants are also liable

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ing disease. If there is simply headache the bromide of sodium

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Causes. — Wounds, injuries, bruises, inflammations, absces-

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Il faut se méfier et souvent ne prendre Tinstrument quel le prix étant

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frozen condition, you have an opportunity of approaching a

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on the lower intestines and will irritate if given too frequently or in too

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Corn or oat meal two tablespoonfuls, water one quart ; boil for ten

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médecine arabe et des écoles d'Espagne; d'autre part, par des praticiens

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Never enter an infected room on an empty stomach. Stay

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"SHREVEPORT BCM is here to help LSUHSC students in their

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Support for Humanitarianism through Intercontinental Projects Incorporated (SHIP) is committed to improving the

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hunderts. Corr. Bl. d. allg. ärzt. Ver. v. Thür., 1902, 6.

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sctnin2U}i, i x, will abort a Typhoid Fever, if given soon enough.

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these brain balls, and it happened that one of them

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near, the time of delivery it is filled with lacteal fluid, which

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violently. It may bo at once detected by the depression in

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it home, it will go well with his cattle on May Day.

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district in which he resided for the mainten- ceitic

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inflamed part, but shows itself again in a second or two after

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Treatment. — The first object is to restore the healthy con-

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wliich are known to be thoroughly genuine and trustworthy.

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lieges or retainers under him, ten of whom paid him

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Ammonium Chloride inhaler, 'Vereker' (see j^age 120 J

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Helleborus, 3 x, tendency to water on the brain, during a diarrhoea ;

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Cubebs {Cubeba Officinalis^. Chiefly used in inflammation of

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En entrant chez le malade qu'il se rappelle la façon de s'asseoir, qu'il

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