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La seconde contribution est de M. le docteur C E. Benjamins à Samarang,
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d'Européens en Afrique 4). Je suis convaincu, que la peur d'être infecté
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tuous woman may be destructive of her true happiness for all
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Cycle, Carriage, etc.. Chests and Ca.ses, 'Tabloid' Brand 92
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6. In severe weather, if obliged to be exposed to the cold,
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stant per duos aut très septimanas sine apertione aliqtia, 3)
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broth is not objectionable ; to prepare, cut up finely a pound of lean
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half pint of water ; add sufficient brown sugar to flavor. Dose,
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sels. Abscesses of the glands, and of other parts of the body,
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one and a half pounds — simmer all together on a slow fire two hours — strain,
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Christian principles. But impure thoughts come to all at times,
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Iris Versicolar, 3 x, grumbHng belly-ache ; stools inclined to be
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einer Zeit, in welcher Galen und sein arabischer Nachschreiber Avicenna
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les numéros 49, 60, 61 et 62 des „VeroflFcntlichungen des Kaiserlichen Gesund-
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taken out daily, and allowed to run freely about on the grass, or
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small doses of opium at night, and nourishing diet, if the
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cles, etc. Some weeks after tlio injury elapse before the bono
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gaping, eating, or talking, while the jaw is in motion, and is apt
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Carminatives are medicines which allay pain in the stomach
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Pe-te'-chi-ae. Purple spots which appear upon the skin in low fevers.
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have the strength and vigor of one who attains its full develop-
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Front Row: Joshua LeBlanc, PT 2nd year class rep; Misty Hutchins, OT 2nd year class rep; Ashley Hall,
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with sugar and flavored with oil of wintergreen. The white sediment con-
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into the air passages, causing cough and catarrhal symptoms, it
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dans une de ses lettres nous le voyons demander à Reinaudo monacho in
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degree at least, never spends a fruitless or tiresome hour. Time
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wet compresses to the spine are often most useful. Go to your physic-
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der angeborenen Wärme, welche der menschlichen so nahe kommt. An
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spot ; in twenty-four hours cut the silk, and carefully draw out
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the Father of Health (God) that the work be finished
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wards the trunk in his hands, and raise it, and use a round
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foot bath, dry or narcotic friction on each side of tlio vertebral
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which niav be afterwards necessary; it may be made fast above
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but in Avarni weather, light soft flannel socks will suffice. The
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Ex-pec'-to-rant. A medicine which aids the discharge of phlegm
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Treatment. — For the relief of the itching and burning sen-
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Erysipelas. — Infants are liable to a peculiar erysipelatous
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such be immediately and entirely extracted, the accident is sel-
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Spirits camphor, 2 ounces ; tincture capsicum, 1 ounce ; tincture guaiac,
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nese and oil of vitriol, each one ounce ; water, two ounces. Mix
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barb, comfrey root, and dock root, of each one ounce; sarsaparilla and cubebs,
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The license accorded to boys when compared with that
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Agaricus, 3 x, if due from excessive use of tobacco.
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wrong within her soul of souls. In this it is impossible for a
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not bloody, the following may be taken: — Sulphate of iron, 12
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minutes, produces a vivid redness over the Avhole front of the
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of each one and a half ounces; cinnamon, half an ounce; cayenne, two drams
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making gentle pressure along the back, when expiration will
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persons are most subject to it, but it may occur at anv period
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Théodoric (vers 1264) se contente de commenter Avicenne a propos du
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In Ireland, the last survival of this system exists in
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inflammation, apply a bread-and-water poultice, or a piece of
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Calcined magnesia, 1 ounce ; bicarbonate soda, 20 grains ; hydrate of
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