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pleurisy, colic, flatulence, and to promote perspiration. It may be given in
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after abortion, in the puerperal stage of the labor, or it may be
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hiemit weiteren Kreisen zugänglich. Die Schreibweise selbst gebe ich
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quelque condition que ce soit, religieuse ou autre, pour pouvoir payer su
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arrived. Hence the necessity, on the part of the young who
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Meath, across their tongue in a direction contrary to
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One fluid ounce of this product added to four fluid
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cough and rattling of mucous ; croup ; also in chronic hoarseness ; ill
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ing water ; boil for an hour, season with salt and strain.
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utmost caution. Children are less liable to contract this dis-
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Lin'-i-ment. A medicated lotion or wash ; a soft ointment.
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Nous devons naturellement chercher quelques données dans la statistique,
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washing the skin, these delicate little tubes become obstructed,
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Stitch in the Side. (248) — Aeon., i x, effects of a cold;
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warm ; if the weather is hot, the infant should be kept cool, as
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eighteen grains of sugar of lead into twelve pills, with crumb
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is seldom injured through excesses of any description, without
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on to ten grains of cayenne; when cold add tincture of myrrh and acid tincture
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to be done, is to bring the edges of the wound nicely together,
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fanta l'opinion afin d'examiner sa valeur. Je veux omettre ou bien seulement
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eral fullness are not present, that is, when the face and body
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vital necessity of good companionship and good books, where
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One fluid ounce of this product added to seven fluid
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til adhesion of the bone takes place, then put the arm in a
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Ce qui a été réuni 300 ans av. J. C. sous le nom d'oeuvres d'Hippo-
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and the total rejection of any habits that through their expen-
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offers medical students and residents a dynamic educational experience in behavioral
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forms, are the evidence of this most damning crime, that those
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This period is upon the whole one of the most perilous stages of
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plethoric habit ; rheumatic pains ; apoplexy and paralysis ; bloodshot
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so. It is as though the child, to use a scripture phrase, "leaped
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tenesmus ; diarrhoea in the morning ; burning in the stomach, with sour
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Jaundice of Infants. — In many instances a yellowness of
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nature to e(|ualize the temperature of the body, the system
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over, and may be repeated every two hours, or oftener, if the
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Symptoms : — Hot and dry mouth, feverishness, redness of one or both
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freely induced. If the patient complains of tightness about the
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at a time. After a child has acquired the power of walking, it
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clearly indicated by the fracture being perceptible to the touch,
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lower teeth, and at the same time raise the chin, pushing the
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among infants, particularly during teething. When an infant is
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China, i x, for noises in the ear as a result of losing a large
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oracle of the antients, and the trifoliated sceptre of
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liable to this, though sometimes they occur to persons of middle
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tends to tlie neighboring structures of the neck. At other
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per. On the appearance of any excoriations, a finely poAvdered
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Druid, who bought her mother as a slave. From her infancy she is
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this starchy substance into nourishment. It clogs and impedes the ac-
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Zeit, No. 77 und 78, 1902.) An instructive history of the disappearance of
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that when these manifestations of cephalic congestion and gen-
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glass of Avater, and repeat this every ten minutes. Then give
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Tlie following recent contributions by Dr. Ziemann to our knowledge of
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University. In 1954 architect Cyrus Silling chose noted American sculptor Milton Horn
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the end of the third day, or a little later, an eruption of a dusky
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child-bearing, frequent miscarriages, or protracted lactation.
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tablespoonfuls at first, and then one tablespoonful, every fif-