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Birch Bark {Betula Alba). A decoction of the bark and twigs

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tration ; pulse weak and slow ; abdomen bloated ; frequent diarrhoea.

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Each bottle contains 7^ fluid ounces of a mixture having the odor and

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Bdle dont l'origine montpellièraine est indiscutable.

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ment of true earthly happiness; for there can be no God where

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is not in the proper fr;enum, but a thin transparent member ex-

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before the " brash " or " buUan " stones, and to pray

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ex tota medicina clinici quia aetate nostra Turcarum f eritas graeeorum imperia

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abbaye, Renzi a relevé le titre du traité suivant: Capitula libri Aurelii

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Va-gi'-na. The passage that connects the vulva with the womb.

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De-mul'-cents. A mucilaginous medicine which soothes diseased mu-

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after vaccination, in a congeries of small dots or patches. Mild

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doned. This disease is frequently epidemic, and the statistics

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age, although we have known them to begin as early as eleven

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Make thirty pills. Take one every six hours, to promote exjuictoratiou in

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point l'opinion de Ruiz Diaz de Isla, seulement, par une cause inexpliquable,

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Quassia {Simaruba Excelsa). This wood is a simple bitter ton-

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A supply of '■ Soloid' Sodium Chloride, o-2t, s;ni.,fo7- preparing tiornial

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avaient peut-être une opinion erronée. Pour l'auteur du livre de VAr/2)

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This preparation is standardised to contain o- 1 gm. of

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non-irritating and non-toxic. Bottles containing i oz. ,

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Sudden Accidents and Injuries. — These generally take

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founders — one at least is of special interest as of a

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cases have suffered, would be a wrong so grievous as to be

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forme aigué (fièvre intermittente) est plus fréquente chez les Indigènes

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leading remedy for remittent fever ; pain in the head on the left side.

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Que sont les chirurgiens à cette époque Les uns sont des chirurgiens

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ground on his back, while the operator places his right heel in

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Vnnderschidlichen Begröbnussen vnnd Ceremonien nit Vnordnung vnnd

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Bile or Gall. A fluid secreted by the liver, which promotes digestion.

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' Wellcome ' Brand Concentrated Tinctures are prepared

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the stomach or lungs, and also will give relief in dyspeptic and all gastric de-

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Mix. Take two tablespoonfuls every four hours. Shake well

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persistent coughing. In capillary bronchitis the cough is the

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be succeeded by boisterous coughing. Then in most cases,

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throughout the world in folk-lore, early manuscripts and

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Schusterschwärze, Fimiss, Honig und Feigen gebrauchte er ebenso wie

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them to bleed freely, repeating the operation till the teeth be-

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heat be applied in the most gentle manner; .then, if necessary,

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issued by Burroughs Wellcome & Co. This brand should always

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when cold, tincture of ginger, one ounce; oil of mint, one dram (put together

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Department of Molecular & Department of Biochemistry & Department of Cellular Biology

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41 Emetics, Coffee. — Cramps, convulsions, neuralgia, diabetes, ague.

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qu'elle vient très probablement des anciens philosophes de la Grèce.

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Eui divulgua l'idée d'une importation à Barcelone de la maladie et son entrée

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her lips now and then; l3ut stop instantly if it produces flush-

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Die Lehre der nDaturgemässen Lebensweise" hat nun durch Haig eine

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bladder, tumors, nodes, and biliary calculi. It is our chief

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strong decoction of elder-flowers and tar. Take this bath night

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Where the digestive powers are good, beef tea, or weak chicken-

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Rheumatology since 1982. Dr. DiBartolomeo has demonstrated

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Gelseminum, i x, violent fever; full .ompressible pulse. The

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Equipments specially designed for, and supplied to,

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autre explication, quand la race semblait jouer un rôle.

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upon which even children have been early wrecked; and in

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Photographic Chemicals, 'Tabloid' Brand— coMiinued

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among infants, particularly during teething. When an infant is

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two drams; water, one and a half pints — boil on a slow fire down to a pint — ■

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