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ment can properly be devoted to reading. There is nothing

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quently gives rfse to bowel complaint in infants. Cold bathing,

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of Avhich some avooI has been rolled up, to make it of consider-

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not sympathize with those noble efforts to render his lot less

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swelling and varicose veins, sponge the legs with cold vinegar

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As we have already descanted somewhat diffusely upon the

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South- West Africa. He recognises three forms. 1. Haemoglobinuric determined

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be restricted to the use of the milk and water mixture already

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ammonia has been much recommended in the treatment ot this

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I^ façon de faire de ces fols méges est peu honnête, témoins ces

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oder philosophischen Problemen sich zu befassen. Der Mangel an Real-

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gelegenhait nit geben würde, annderen Maisters behaussung nach

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das Recht auf den Namen „Moderner Celsus" vindizirt hat.

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well waxed and flattened. It should always be borne

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spring are covered with a resinous substance from which an ointment is

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Di'-a-phragm (di'-a-fram). The muscular division between the chest

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as well as to the intestinal canal, causing croup, vomiting and

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salt and water, a teaspoonful of the former put into a tumbler

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preuss. Akad. d. Wissensch. zu Berlin, 1ÎH)2, XXI.

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appetite, colic, jaundice, and general debility. Dose: a teaspoonful of the

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fect rest and quiet. Let her have it. - And if the pulse is thin

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y cumuler l'emploi de médecin des Frères Mineurs, et de fermier des

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year, may generally be considered the age at which they respec-

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gehalten Vnnd so khain Manngl oder einrödt vorhannden durch den

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An-em'-i-a. Poverty of blood ; a comparatively bloodless state.

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organes sont observées plus souvent pendant l'hiver. Cependant il est

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intervals, but this must be stopped as soon as the labor is over,

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souvent du docteur Fuller; nous ne pensons pas que Fuller fut reçu docteur

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long to our iminortil part. Let them therefore be sought after

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of from twenty to thirty grains of tincture of opium, or a quarter

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stir till cold. Useful for scurvy, scrofula, itch, etc.


tances; and, above all things, before taking them to herbosuin,

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and injury; and we daily witness much suffering and danger

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pear, and thereby aggravate the symptoms of fever, the follow-

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Hawaï, accompagné de reproductions photographiques qui montrent des types

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Bridsh-Museum in London, i) M. Daniel Hunbury hat darüber eine sehr

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patrons and patients. Thus, Ballygally Castle was the

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a pass'ing glance at the works of any of those authors who appeal

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Lumbago. — Lumbago is a rlieumatic afiection of the mus-

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excesses, and that in the attempt to gratify them, they too fre-

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of its pustules, and, the resulting disease being of a milder char-

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of food is especially proper in her case. As the appetite is

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aloes, of each two drams; kircuma and mandrake, of each one dram; extract of

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quelques précautions spéciales. Quelques autres s'acclimatisent, c'est à dire

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Treatment. — Place the sufferer in a recumbent posvtion,

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the first indication of inflammation, hot applications should be used and

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a victim to unholy and misguided passion, and who, by giving

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résultat, on doit la laisser aux cursores dépourvus de scrupules:

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