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of each one and a half ounces; cinnamon, half an ounce; cayenne, two drams

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occurs during the eruptive form of small pox, and sometimes

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Each bottle contains 7 fluid ounces of a very dark, syrupy liquid, one-

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there is the red gum or tooth rash of children, and the redness

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73 Opium, Mucilaginous drinks. — Constipation, eczema.

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Weaning ought always to bo accomplished, if possible, in a

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lowed access to persons sick with small pox or varioloid.

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Issued in bottles of gr. 60 (3-9 gm.), oz. 1/2 (14. <■///.)

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opium liniment. A couple of drams of this should be rubbed

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With females, bandy legs are more serious deformities than

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Clematis, 30, a deathlike, sickening pain. Lach., 30, left sided pain.

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also frequently attendant on teething. Infants are also liable

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on the lower intestines and will irritate if given too frequently or in too

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Corn or oat meal two tablespoonfuls, water one quart ; boil for ten

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