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in casein, butter and phosphates, than human milk, but poorer in sugar ;

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Fennel Seed {Fo;niculum Vulgare). A pleasant aromatic, fre-

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When heart disease, apoplexy, fits, neuralgia, and such

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February be included, two hundred and seventy-two days; that

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Cholera Morbus. (120) — Same remedies as Asiatic cholera,

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The splints should be removed as often as the matter ren-

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Borax is a famiHar remedy with nurses and mothers, as well as

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nothing is better than China, i x. If from non-assimilation of food,

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injustice, but it is useless to kick against it, from the fact that

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Treatment. — Give the white of an eg^ in a little water, re-

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Pharmacopoeia (Eighth Revision), from carefully selected

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the great advantages of which become apparent when it is

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and shriveled; the countenance acquires an expression of lan-

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it in the way of habits or associations, and that she shall be always

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largement of tho salivary glands; tlie neck sometimes swells to

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love, and lose themselves in less sanctified relations. However,

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tice, intense or strong currents are to be studiously avoided.

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und Schreibens kundig ist. In den höheren Schulen wird sogar von der

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cathartic property, it is slightly astringent ; thus after a purgative action

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des dacs, des nobles et des bourgeois se mêlent sans science de cures chirur-

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the bowels, and is adapted to conditions of irritation and excitability of

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and weakens them. Local treatment will be of little avail in

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Treatment. — The injured limb must be kept in a perfect

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means by which assimilation may be so powerfully stimulated and encour-

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condamné à mort. Cher ce sujet la lèpre ne se montra que 2 ans et V2 plus

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herausgegeben {E-tsung-King-Kass), Leider der in diesem Werke zur Schau

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rug, or a piece of carpet, or other woollen article, and com-

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irreproachable character; his mother the daughter of a clergy-

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était leur pratique La voici exposée dans une page de la vie de Saint

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water, one gallon. Mix and sprinkle over the floors of privies,

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sollen yeder i fl. Straf in die Püchssen verfallen sein, nichts weniger in

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rect the disorder there. If the patient is living in a moist, low

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ous, as not unfrequcntly to lead to the most serious misunder-

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of rhatany, two ounces. Mix, and shake occasionally for a day

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... de ne pas tailler ceux qui sont atteints de calculs et de les envoyer

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So sichs aber begebe das ein solcher mit den Stuckhen nit bestünde

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to excessive commiseration, will, Avhen any little accident hap-

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called the ' evil ficus,' which also took the King, so

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will give greaf relief. Poison ivy may readily be distinguished from

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cayenne, of each one and a-half ounces; bayberry, and myrrh, of each one

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given to deceit or lewdness. It is impossible not to suffer

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