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Per-spi-ra'-tion. Sweat ; insensible evacuation of the fluids through
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dropsy. As an expectorant is useful in croup, chronic bronchitis, whoop-
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berry leaves, hyssop, red sage, sunimer savory, hoarhound, and ground ivy, of
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seldom requires any treatment; but if it should prove trouble-
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half pint of water ; add sufficient brown sugar to flavor. Dose,
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of primary vaccination. Whenever possible, the teacher should
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The general rule as to tying the cord, with the exceptions
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be considered complete without a battery for medical i)urposes.
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Convulsions. (126) (Fits.) — Belladonna, 3 x, flushed face;
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of gentian root, Colombo root, sweet flag root, golden seal root,
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— möchte ich lieber sagen, — zu enthalten scheint \ so sollte er ihn gleich
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Treatment, — In treating this disease, in cases where the
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stomach, produced by the use of greasy food, fat pork, pastry ; bad ef-
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abstrickhen oder abwerben bei Straf eins dalers halb in ein E. Hannss
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and of moral and religious obligations, to protect the nascent
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pint, li lbs. ; and the gallon, 10 lbs. In prescriptions tlie weights
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arrived. Hence the necessity, on the part of the young who
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stimulants. Camphor is highly recommended. Rest should be
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without which life becomes a burden, and the ends of creation
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quires Bell., 3 X, if without vomiting ; if with vomiting, Veratrum Vir.,
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tiveness is of frequent occurence among infants. In some in-
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bottle for use. Dose: a teaspoonful two or three times a day in cubeb tea. Is
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naissances de Colomb. J'ai lu le récit qui porte le titre de: Témoin
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Vertrauen in .die darin enthaltenen Vorschriften. Bei dieser Gelegenheit
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sequela. The same remedies are used in malignant or Black Measles,
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dann mit vorwissen vnnd guethaissen einer E. Hannss. Doch auf vorgehende
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ders his person disgusting to her, and who in a measure emascu-
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Incontinence of Urine. (193) — Cina, 30, if the child is
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A-nus. The oriiice of the alimentary canal, of which it is the outlet.
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auf Grundlage des Moninmus, der Humoralpathologie, des gemässigten Vege-
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médecine hippocratique, c'est le secret de sa jeunesse, qui est encore
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have taken a pioneer position, and continue to hold
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weiter entwickelt worden warcrit bîldt^n die Kinleitimg äu dem eigentliidien
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an ounce; bruise roots and berries — boil in two quarts of water down to three
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the eruptive fever has subsided, take acidulated drinks. Smear-
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fore the proper milk is secreted, and, in nine cases out of ten,
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should be spare diet; if scrofulous and weakly, good nourishing-
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donnent pour chirurgiens afin d'avoir de quoi vivre et de couvrir sous le
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powdered, one ounce; skullcap and burdock seeds, powdered, of each four
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and insist upon it that he fully understands your case. He can only be
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ness, — deprive it of these, and it is valueless. Those who live
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dass ein nach chinesischer Art und Weise ausgebildetes und gelehrtes
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then gradually passes off, leaving the infant in a languid and
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natural excitement which is the true key to all the pleasures
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the tongue in powder, and swallowed gradually every four or
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tions: First — upward and backward. Second — backward.
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membrane, and often of the womb itself, and of its veins and
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A similar chest is also made in a smaller size (No. 206 Chest— as
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