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sanitate ocuîorum. Il fut composé en 1340. C'est une oeuvre plus impor-

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die letzte, aber auch schwierigste Prüfung, die dem jungen Manne erst

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Scarlet Fever. — At the commencement there is more or less fever, with

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Puerperal Convulsions. (299) — If caused by uremic poison-

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dock, cut into thin slices, and pour upon it one gallon of boil

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proper consistency. A small amount of boric acid is used to keep liquid,

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offices, does the victim become conscious of the evil. A grave

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health than this. Apply the infant to its mother's breast be-

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fine chemicals, alkaloids, etc., under the distinctive title of

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pecunie reportarent quam alius in decern curis aliorum morborum,

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gratifying a necessary and proper appetite. When the infant

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Plenty of walking exercise, with due care as to diet, and strict

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une traduction, faite du latin en hébreu, en 1468, par un médecin d'Arles:

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each paper in a half tumbler of water, pour together and drink while

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painful to the touch ; respiration and deglutition are much in-

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should be made more stimulant by the addition of a little

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Inflammation of the Ovaries. (276) (Ovaritis.) — Aeon., i x,

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Die Erwiderung des Hrn. Äriff Arslan 1) nothigt mich zu einem letzten

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The temperature is much elevated, the urine is scanty and high

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Jos. Müller. Das sexuelle Leben der alten Kulturvölker. Leipz. 1902.

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perhaps streaked with blood, and very offensive. This pain is

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Ireland, and that famine and pestilence lasted for three

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There is fullness, heat, and dryness of the throat, with a hoarse

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K. Kalbfleisch. „Claudius" Galenus, Berlin, philol. Wochschr., 1902, 13.'

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with or without the sulphate of magnesia, according to the state

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poignancy of grief, the fever of the blood — they cannot

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Offensive Breath. — Foetid breath may proceed from de-

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De-coc'-tions (de-kok '-shuns). Medicines prepared by boiling.

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Tar {Pinus Palustris) . Used extensively in a variety of skin dis-

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possible, and the constant study of each other's excellences.

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should heal rather suddenly, and the child become restless or

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white or red, or both red and white. It is accompanied with

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head ought to be kept cool, and, during warm weather, no caps

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The September number is occupied by a Bericht über da^ MaHnelazarett-

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sion of urine ; short, anxious breathing ; pulse small and tremulous ;

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As many of our friends may prefer the treatment of disease through th»

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conduct of either relative to a third party remain unexplained

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Moral Influences. — Tranquility and cheerfulness of mind

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measure it, is a convenience that cannot be expressed in

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Hdhiliial Consfipniioii. — Rhubarb and aloes, eacli half a dram ; extract

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Solomon's Seal {Polygonatum Giganteum), Chiefly used inter-

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affection of the muscles of the chest, and is rheumatic in its or-

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Early Irish Physicians, Classical Knowledge of ... ... 51

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of nitrate, and affords a clear solution with Ammonia.

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dandelion root, sarsaparilla, and winter green, of each two ounces; blue cohosh,

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être comprise par l'élève que s'il l'a vu foire de ses propres yeux par

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acute pain in the loins ; if from stone in the bladder, the stream

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