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foot bath, dry or narcotic friction on each side of tlio vertebral

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the renal affections of pregnancy. Effervescing draughts, with

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rapidement sur le thorax par plusieurs aides à la fois et à l'endroit où elle

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but in Avarni weather, light soft flannel socks will suffice. The

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should be removed by a weak lye, made from hard-wood ashes

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Ex-pec'-to-rant. A medicine which aids the discharge of phlegm

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ou son puit dont l'eau a une action particulière sur la vue, à condition

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observe aussi de temps en temps chez des Européens ou de» Chinois.

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an ounce; bruise roots and berries — boil in two quarts of water down to three

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approaching the interesting and critical period already named,

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will hasten a cure. Have it opened, early ; by so doing you will save

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on which the scales are speedily reproduced. Leprosy commonly

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i^^lreianT* ^^ ^"'' European nation. " It might be proved,

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and warm baths. In old chronic cases, apply externally either


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30, and Kali Bromide, have all cured this distressing complaint.

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with vertigo and slight delirium. These are followed by severe

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in a proper spirit, determined to do their duty whatever betide,

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on the the front of the legs, and sometimes on the arms, assum-

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Among the early Irish, as in all the Celtic nations,

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Aug. Gottl. Richter, Will. Hunter, Bichat, Lobstein d. Ac, Joh. Müller. Mehr philoso-


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Although delicate and difficult, the task of whispering some

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not bloody, the following may be taken: — Sulphate of iron, 12

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wurde es trotz seiner sehr hohen Cultur, im Laufe der Zeit von anderen

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without which life becomes a burden, and the ends of creation

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Aucune évidence ne transpire dans leurs livres, montrant qu'ils se soient

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sputa known as the prune juice expectoration. The breathing

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poMxint per scriptoram manifestari, et per consequens nec comprehend! per discipalum

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night, or early in the morning, is very useful in habitual co.stiveness.

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Stiefeln und Sporen zu einem dreistündigen Schlaf aufs Bett, um dann

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hooks, or other blunt instruments. "Wounds are said to be con-

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Théodoric (vers 1264) se contente de commenter Avicenne a propos du

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emotions, anxiety, or any cause that affects the general health.

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inflammation, apply a bread-and-water poultice, or a piece of

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et cholagogues). Leur mélange dans une proportion normale comme quan-

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Quinine is as much a specific against the grip germ as against

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womb. It will also be seen that a woman can become pregnant

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hands. In inflating the lungs, a silk handkerchief folded double,

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ounces of alcohol (70 per cent.) makes a preparaiion

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sides of the house in this connection, as well as in that of in-

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peut pas être estimé l'égal de l'indigène, quant à leur vie physiologique.

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pius Syrica, 3 x, Apis Mel., 3 x, and Terebinth., i x, are the remedies.

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que vous retiriez la sonde. Voici ce qui dit que le malade guérira: si le

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XVIe siècle comme le chef des humoristes sur lequel sont tombées les

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Treatment. — If the thorn, etc., can be taken hold of easily,

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has set in, give a warm bath three times a week, and the com-

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Wurde einem Leermaister sein Lehrjunge ohne gnuegsame redliche

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any kinds from i)atients must be emptied immediately after use

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Dover's Powder. This powder is composed of one gram opi-

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ings, or of the mental and moral requisites to make a wife

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the daisy, to be plucked by the person before sunrise,

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' Tabloid ' Metol-Quinol Developer, to make 44 ounces of

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One fluid ounce of this product added to nine fluid

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much difficulty in getting the parts to unite. To accomplish

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