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ing evils which beset the path of youth, there are yet others,

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most efficient means of producing copious perspiration ; which, as with the

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Therburgh, J. Th 346 ' Zaremba, E. W. von, 103, 168, 201,

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spirits of turpentine may also be useful ; and a leech or two ap-

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dangerous — much more so than the others already described.

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once satisfied turns aside from the hapless and unsuspecting ob-

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as it is sometimes called, from the peculiarity of the patient's

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My wife and parents have made it all possible. Thank you!

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its sacred limits that might have the slightest tendency to mar

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lo. Avicenne qui est généralement cité sous le nom Halbuali,

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of the blood flowed out, and he died upon the spot.

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sweating is apt to cause weakness; and too great a degree of

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not succeed, take the following : Iodide of potassium, 2 scru-

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allay the inflammation, and if there be much pain, opiates

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with more or less fever, and other symptoms indicative of the dis-

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Stimulants increase the action of the heart and arteries, or

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L'hydromel (vin avec du miel) adoucit les voies respiratoh-es, active

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is, in general, better adapted to the constitutional temperament

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in which the bones have not their allotted earthly matter, and

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clean thing." There is danger lurking wathin the intoxicating

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stricted diet, and, for a time, avoidance of sexual intercouse.

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which you have removed the skin, for a few nights in succes-

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eruption there is little to characterize it, but after a few hours

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Arsenicum {Arsenious Acid). Chiefly affects the alimentary

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Dans la première partie du serment que nous n'avons pas citée plus

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zuthun. Auch aida geloben vnnd schweren, das sie dieser Ordnung in

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Use no eye washes. If not better in a few days, call your physician,

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cette affection. Je suis d'opinion que cette différence est due au climat.

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oysters, seasoned with butter, pepper and salt. Sew it up. Place in the

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L'un d'entre eux avait nom Habrahym, et pratiquait en Aragon au

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tion of the follicles No, he could not ; and while one is a very fatal

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Corr. Bl. d. Allg. ärztl. Ver. v. Thür., XXX, 1901.

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in about three teaspoonsfuls of water, to which four teaspoonfuls

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THE ABLEST CUE OUSTS OF THE WOULD have analyzed these remedies

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considered and guarded, as once it is taken the die is cast

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great scholar." The old Irish legend accounts for the

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Sulphate of zinc, 20 grains ; sulphate of copper, 5 grains ; tincture of

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Also various other products issued under the ' Hazeline ' Brand

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2) Au XYIIe siècle Fred. UofiEmann dans sa Politique du médecin dira que

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as to make the points come as near as possible to the centre of

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iernie Borbely, Eugene Berkowitz (Ph.D.), William Wei-Jen Fu (Ph.D.), Sanjay Sandhir, Kim

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with alum and opium in them, or the latter Avitli gallic acid,

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medicinae. Toutes les fois qu'il s'agit d'une opération sur les yeux, Gordon

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caused by cutting teeth is very marked, and can be easily seen.

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