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Mu'-cus. The ropy, lubricating, tenacious fluid, secreted by the

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it will be felt on the bone, with the great projection formed by

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auch Niemandts hierin wider sein Gewissen beschwert werde. Nachuolgennder

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quia non solum regem verum etiam multos per Buam cynir^am deoeperat, extinctuB

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Hops {Humulus Lupulus). The fruit of the hop vine is sprinkled

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Let all the preparations for the little stranger be made in

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Insanity. (205) — A terrible disease, and you cannot trifle with it.

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cerated nostrils, constipation with large and knotty stools, coexisting

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the undergarments from the shoulders, and not from the Avaist,

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Chron'-ic. Continuing for a long time, and becoming a fixed condi-

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cayenne, cinnamon, and prickly ash, of each two ounces; or — 2. Bayberry, three

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phuric acid (elixir of vitriol), a fluid dram and a half; coin]K)und tiiu^.ture of

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case nourishment and stimulants should be given in the form

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complaint of children. To prepare, take a heaping tablespoonful of

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Ils n'admettaient pas comme le prétendaient certains philosophes que

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reddish; sometimes the body is flaccid, and the navel-string has

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L'auteur conclut ainsi: lo. l'immunité conférée par le Haffkine est de trois

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not sweet, small doses of the bicarbonate of soda, in union with

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nose by children. If it is a bean, or anything which swells by

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Treatment. — Plenty of strong tea. If you have no common

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burning heat or pain of the stomach attends it, and seems to

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May-apple root, 2 ounce ; blackroot (leptandra virg.), I ounce ; bayberry

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sugar, half a pound; boiling water, one pint — pour on, stir till sugar is dis-

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those which, in the light of our present knowledge, are best

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For a sprained ankle, place the end of the bandage upon

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produced by violent anger, terror, or jealousy, during pregnancy.

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will indicate the existence of many maladies in their earliest stages, and

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affections to which they are subject. lu this case a tender spot,

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3 X, are the remedies most generally useful. Kali lod., 3 x, also an ad-

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tions, according to number of pills required. Each pill should be rolled

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able decoction; and of this about the third of a teaspoonful

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other substances, red spots and patches will appear on the back,

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throughout the world in folk-lore, early manuscripts and

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but has one or more inmates of this character — poor, thought-

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Ex-u-da'-tion. Perspiration ; the discharge of moisture on the surface

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in all cases afford absolute immunity from the disease ; but in

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Ehpkantiaêiê. — Connu sous les noms à'erysiphle et à* elephantiasis ^ cette

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Pus'-tules. Elevations of the skin having an inflamed base and

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Ground Ivy {Nepeta Glechoma). Used in chronic bronchitis,

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which might not be taken in the presence of some dear friend

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M, Schneideicin, Horaz als Darwinist. Neue Jahrb. f. d. klass. Altertum, IX, 1901.

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Take two Irish potatoes, one onion and a piece of bread ; place

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The patient's mind, during the intermissions of the attack,

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Où a-t'il appris la chirurgie oculaire En suivant quelque praticien

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mine, \ grain ; oil bergamot, 1 minim ; oil lemon, 1 minim.

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with drinking frequently, but little at a time ; complaints from ice cream,

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